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Enables a Markdown style markup and editor for your posts. Keyboard shortcut and easy to use. Built-in table markup :-) and BBchat support.
TLDR; Write posts in phpBB using markdown without wanting to kill them-self. :-)

Features overview:
-Markdown toolbar (easy switch between BBCode and Markdown)
-Keeps BBcode support intact (in fact you can use Both types!)
-Keyboard shortcut built-in with a markwdown helper for quick copy and paste as well
-ASCII-style Pipe Tables and HTML entities( )

Practical guide:

The following limitations apply:

- There can be some undefined interactions between different markup.
For example, opening a BBCode in a table cell and closing it in
another cell.

- Tables are not meant to be used inside other markup (e.g. inside of
lists) with the exception of quotes, provided they start on their own

- HTMLEntities are meant to apply on text content
and not attribute values. For instance, they won't apply to the author
part of a quote. (i.e. they won't apply in
author wrote: but they
will apply to the quote's content)
For buying points, Donate Here but first check if the product is in the new shop! (If it is buy it there please, thanks!)

NEW SHOP IS OPEN! :D I'll add the products to the shop in my spare time in the weekends.
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