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Enables a Markdown style markup and editor for your posts. Keyboard shortcut and easy to use. Built-in table markup :-) and BBchat support.
TLDR; Write posts in phpBB using markdown without wanting to kill them-self. :-)

Features overview:
-Markdown toolbar (easy switch between BBCode and Markdown)
-Keeps BBcode support intact (in fact you can use Both types!)
-Keyboard shortcut built-in with a markwdown helper for quick copy and paste as well
-ASCII-style Pipe Tables and HTML entities( )

Practical guide:

The following limitations apply:

- There can be some undefined interactions between different markup.
For example, opening a BBCode in a table cell and closing it in
another cell.

- Tables are not meant to be used inside other markup (e.g. inside of
lists) with the exception of quotes, provided they start on their own

- HTMLEntities are meant to apply on text content
and not attribute values. For instance, they won't apply to the author
part of a quote. (i.e. they won't apply in
author wrote: but they
will apply to the quote's content)
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