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Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:12 pm
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Sun Nov 06, 2022 9:48 pm
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Bridge between BBPoints and LikeDD. 8-)

When an user Likes a Topic / Post it will send x Points to the author.

Added Contributors field, so, the one who creates a topic/post can write the name of the user(s) that should received points too. The points will be divided between the author and the contributors.

Important: After purchase, you need to ask me via PM for the Modified BBPoints Extension, since BBPoints is not 100% ready for having separated extensions to make BBPoints better.
And you need to tell me your sitesplat username so I can confirm you own BBPoints. After confirmation I'll share the modified version. :)

  • Added username autocomplete with BBTags and BBMention feeling on contributors field
  • Added ACP option to enable/disable contributor field per forum basis
  • Added new sync option at ACP, to (re-)syncronize all likes (Ideally once before starting using it, in case you already had likeDD installed and being used, users can go to negative points but its intended)
  • Fixed bug on add/remove likes when there was contributors
  • Fixed bug to prevent to give a like when the user doesn't have enough points
  • Fixed ACP warnings
  • Refactor some logic
  • Initial Release
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