PHP 7.0 Compatibility With phpBB 3.0.12+

MODs for phpBB 3.0 and even for 3.1 and 3.2
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The attached ZIP archive, made by DionDesigns, contains a program that will automatically patch your phpBB 3.0.12+ installation. It has some requirements to use, so please follow the instructions in the README.TXT file in the archive.

If you have problems which cannot be resolved, post a note here describing your problems.
Please be aware that certain MODs and hacks contains code that is incompatible with PHP 7.0. This is particularly true with MODs/hacks related to BBcodes. If you have installed a MOD/hack that is incompatible with PHP 7.0, you must fix its code before your phpBB installation will work with PHP 7.0. Please contact the author of the MOD/hack; perhaps they have already fixed their code. If not, post a note here and I'll do my best to assist.
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