BBAwards + Autogroup Addon + Premium PAKs

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BBAwards is a system that allows your forum members to truly engage with the community rewarding them with special badges. Custom badge awards are available plus tons of combinations possible for specific conditions.
A monster badge awards system for your amazing community. Ranks are a thing of the past. Engage your community and keep it active with new challenges and rewards every time!

Features overview:
-Ajax Badge Award with the bootstrap modal
-Notification alert (Global On-off options)
-Custom Badge Generator ($150 value) - Start making badges in a few click with a Photoshop Generator
-Modular system built on Fast Queries - NEVER heavy on your server ALWAYS PRO :)
-Preloaded set of premium badges (Set to notify NO by default) ($20 value) super compressed for performance
-Possibility to add unlimited Custom badges awards
-Default badge awards rules (like posts, friends, foes, avatar, signature and many more)
-Support for cross extensions (Ajax BBlike, forum donation, profile comment and many more to come) ***Only for premium rules packages. Not included in the default package
-Main badge award page with awards list
-Detailed user badge awards page
-Badge awards in Topics and public member profile
-Custom UCP (user Control Panel - Profile - Badge Awards) badge awards to keep track of your awards
-Much more and many more options!
The premium rule package for the BBAwards extension adds a premium set of rules for the awards:

-Cross Badge (Have fun and select rules as rules for the cross badge! )
-Autogroups for all the above included if the BBAwards Autogroup extension is installed
Autogroups addon adds the autogroup capabilities for all the BBAwards rules!

Autogroup rules for:
-Badge Award Avatar
-Badge Award Badges
-Badge Award Custom
-Badge Award Donations
-Badge Award LikeBB
-Badge Award Profilewall
-Badge Award Signature
-Badge Award Foes
-Badge Award Friends
-Badge Award Bookmarked

The following are included only if the premium rules PAK is installed
**-Badge Award Cross Badges
**-Badge Award Polls
**-Badge Award Reports
**-Badge Award Subscribed
**-Badge Award Topics
For buying points, Donate Here but first check if the product is in the new shop! (If it is buy it there please, thanks!)

NEW SHOP IS OPEN! :D I'll add the products to the shop in my spare time in the weekends.
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