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Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:22 am

A beautiful and fine tuned voting and best answer type extension for your phpBB forum.

Features overview:
-Ajax voting system
-Votes updates in real time while users are viewing the posts
-ACP Points log
-ACP delete or retain user points in synch with the current user deletion system (IE , retain posts, retains points, delete all posts, deletes all points)
-Automatic best answer selection via ACP threshold
-Up vote and down vote
-Best answer
-Profile chart statistic
-Many ACP option to fine tune the voting system like min points needed for X action etc
-Reputation points
-Bounty system to boost answers
-Moderation options to optimize the extension use
-Permission system integrated for super fine tune use of the voting system. Who can use it, where and what :-)
-Many more!
For buying points, Donate Here but first check if the product is in the new shop! (If it is buy it there please, thanks!)

NEW SHOP IS OPEN! :D I'll add the products to the shop in my spare time in the weekends.
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