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Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:03 am

Protect your users from stolen credentials. Track events in your phpbb forum. It analyzes device, location, and usage patterns to detect fraudulent activity and much much more to protect your users.

BBcastle is a must have for your forum and adds an extra layer of security for your users.

Main features:
-Device-level User Analytics
-Detect automated credential stuffing attacks and human-powered account takeovers
-automate the recovery process,
-Pre & post login activity
-Per device risk scores
-Automatic email and account confirmations
Much more!

This extension is a perfect pair for the 2 steps auth extension
For buying points, Donate Here but first check if the product is in the new shop! (If it is buy it there please, thanks!)

NEW SHOP IS OPEN! :D I'll add the products to the shop in my spare time in the weekends.
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