You'll find many unique extension from sitesplat army that I'm proud to be part of.
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Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:02 am

BBajaxnews is a powerful and revolutionary extension allows your phpBB forum running SiteSplat premium products to have real live notifications for your users with at almost 0 server resources expense!

Features overview:
-Real time news bubble style
-Many ACP option to target common triggers and other premium addons (for example, BBdonation, BBmembership, BBvote)
-Casual news events
-Special news events
-2 built-in API drivers provider for the real time delivery system
and much more under the hood!
For buying points, Donate Here but first check if the product is in the new shop! (If it is buy it there please, thanks!)

NEW SHOP IS OPEN! :D I'll add the products to the shop in my spare time in the weekends.
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