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cBB QuickMod

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:43 pm
by Leinad4Mind
cBB QuickMod is an add-on for phpBB forums that includes moderation options within forums and search pages, offering a great comfort to the moderators of the forums and avoiding the need to use the Moderation Panel to perform the most common operations.


Some of its features are:
  • The moderation options included are: Rename, Move, Change topic type, Close, etc ...
  • Quick actions can be configured from the ACP.
  • Quick actions can be displayed as icons or as a context menu.
  • Compatible with phpBB 3.1.x and phpBB 3.2.x.
  • Compatible with php 7.1
  • Style responsive for compatibility with all devices.
  • Includes own events for compatibility with other extensions.
  • Includes English and Spanish languages.