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mChat Edit Details
This mChat add-on extension adds an icon to edited messages. When clicking on the icon a popup more details is displayed. If a message was edited multiple times, information of the latest edit is displayed.

Note that to get this extension working it is necessary to manually add a new template event to mChat. See the requirements section below.

To see this extension in action have a look at mChat's archive pages here on this board. It shouldn't take you long to find an edited message. :)

mChat Fade Out
This very simple mChat add-on extension fades out older messages in mChat on the index page and custom page. Does not fade out messages in the archive. The user setting "Location of new chat messages" is taken into account. There are no new settings for this extension. Go to the index page of this board to see a demo.

Note that browser support might be limited, for example IE10 and below are not supported. See here:

mChat Font Size
This mChat addon allows users to customize the default font size for all mChat messages. It adds a new setting in the UCP for users to specify their font size in pixels.

You can test this extension by changing the font size in the mChat settings in your UCP.

mChat Icons Menu
This mChat addon extension moves all message icons to a convenient menu for a cleaner interface.

mChat Sticky Footer
This mChat addon extension displays mChat at the bottom of every page* of your board. It allows the user to resize the mChat window and it adds a new UCP option so that users can turn it on/off. It integrates with mChat's existing UCP permissions. Furthermore it supports the Collapsible Categories extension.

*Note that currently there are some pages where mChat cannot be displayed, for example when composing a reply, composing a PM, changing settings in the UCP. The technical reason behind this is that mChat uses phpBB's form key functions to prevent CSRF attacks. These functions are limited to one key per page. When you visit a page on which phpBB uses the form key functions, mChat can't use them and thus would be vulnerable to CSRF attacks.

mChat in Forums & Topics
This mChat addon extension displays mChat when viewing forums and topics. It adds two new UCP options so that users can decide if and where they want mChat to be displayed. It integrates with mChat's existing UCP permissions.

You can test this extension by enabling it in the mChat settings in your UCP.

mChat Rooms Add-on
The mChat Rooms addon extension is still in development stage.
  1. A convenient way to add new rooms, edit room names and delete rooms and all their messages.
  2. A possibility for users to enter and leave rooms so that they can decide for which rooms they get notified of new messages.
  3. Mute/unmute rooms: there is no sound/flashing title when new messages arrive in muted rooms.
  4. Password-protected rooms: only users who know the password can enter these rooms. The password can be shared via PM, for example.
  5. Full integration with mChat's archive page: users can select from a dropdown menu which room's archived messages they want to see.
  6. Lots of permissions so that administrators can define what users are allowed to do:
    • can see rooms
    • can create new rooms
    • can edit own rooms
    • can edit any room
    • can delete own rooms
    • can delete any room
    • can see/create/edit/delete password-protected rooms
    • can enter/edit/delete password-protected rooms without providing the password
  7. Invite users to join a room by sending a notification
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