BBAwards + Autogroup Addon + Premium PAKs

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BBAwards is a system that allows your forum members to truly engage with the community rewarding them with special badges. Custom badge awards are available plus tons of combinations possible for specific conditions.
A monster badge awards system for your amazing community. Ranks are a thing of the past. Engage your community and keep it active with new challenges and rewards every time!

Features overview:
-Ajax Badge Award with the bootstrap modal
-Notification alert (Global On-off options)
-Custom Badge Generator ($150 value) - Start making badges in a few click with a Photoshop Generator
-Modular system built on Fast Queries - NEVER heavy on your server ALWAYS PRO :)
-Preloaded set of premium badges (Set to notify NO by default) ($20 value) super compressed for performance
-Possibility to add unlimited Custom badges awards
-Default badge awards rules (like posts, friends, foes, avatar, signature and many more)
-Support for cross extensions (Ajax BBlike, forum donation, profile comment and many more to come) ***Only for premium rules packages. Not included in the default package
-Main badge award page with awards list
-Detailed user badge awards page
-Badge awards in Topics and public member profile
-Custom UCP (user Control Panel - Profile - Badge Awards) badge awards to keep track of your awards
-Much more and many more options!
The premium rule package for the BBAwards extension adds a premium set of rules for the awards:

-Cross Badge (Have fun and select rules as rules for the cross badge! )
-Autogroups for all the above included if the BBAwards Autogroup extension is installed
Autogroups addon adds the autogroup capabilities for all the BBAwards rules!

Autogroup rules for:
-Badge Award Avatar
-Badge Award Badges
-Badge Award Custom
-Badge Award Donations
-Badge Award LikeBB
-Badge Award Profilewall
-Badge Award Signature
-Badge Award Foes
-Badge Award Friends
-Badge Award Bookmarked

The following are included only if the premium rules PAK is installed
**-Badge Award Cross Badges
**-Badge Award Polls
**-Badge Award Reports
**-Badge Award Subscribed
**-Badge Award Topics
If you can't add money to the shop, send me a PM asking for direct link.
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