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Ultimate Quiz

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Sun Dec 05, 2021 3:40 am
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Sat May 20, 2023 8:16 pm
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FINALLY AVAILABLE! Buy it now to support the development and make the next release faster!

Conversion of this MOD into Extension: ... p;t=590993
A fully customisable quiz addition to your forum, some of the features include full categorization of quizzes, statistics, and an administration suite where many aspects of the quiz can be altered and edited. Points extension support included.
  • Time limits on quizzes (with ACP customisable exclusion limits)
  • BBCode allowable on quiz questions
  • Group Rewards (if a user completes all quizzes in a category to a pre-determined percentage score, they will be moved into a usergroup defined in the ACP)
  • Group Permissions (to allow only certain groups to access quizzes in a category)
  • Compatible with all points extensions


3.0.0 Future Release
  • Refactor Code - Adding a lot of new features
  • Add Multiple quiz types (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Input Answers)
2.0.0 (Current Release)
  • Add FLATBOOTS Compatibility
  • Add BBOOTS Compatibility
1.2.0 (First Release)
  • Format and Clean Code
1.0.8 (internal release)
  • Improve Code - HTML Variables
  • Improve Code - Twig Conversion
  • Improve UI - Change quiz icon
  • Improve UI - Add new quiz button
  • Added - BBCode is now allowable on categories descriptions
  • Added - Category description below the title description at ACP
1.0.7 (internal release)
  • Improve UX - Removes guest and bot groups from Category Group Permissions
  • Improve UI - Adds unanswered different text and orange color for unanswered.
1.0.6 (internal release)
  • Added - BBCode is now allowable on quiz anwsers
  • Improve UI - Warning messages changed to red
  • Fix - Edit quizz issue
  • Fix - Incorrect answer issue
1.0.2 (internal release)
  • Fix - Special chars bug
  • Fix - Query param bug
  • Fix - Fatal error on adding question
  • Change - Counter was removed from submit button and now appears on a better place
1.0.0 (internal release)
  • Initial Release
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Ultimate Quiz
Ultimate Quiz
Ultimate Quiz
Ultimate Quiz
Ultimate Quiz
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