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Topic Banners Extreme

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:05 pm
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Wed Dec 07, 2022 7:02 pm
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I've created this extension for specific needs of a client. But maybe it can filled the same desires as others. So I'll be selling for a low price here.
With this extension you can have extra fields. And they will show at viewforum and viewtopic.
Check the images below to understand better. There are no ACP options! Only 1 forum permission setting.


- Changing the url field to many other fields to create the image topic banner with css instead all dinamically.
- It is very easy to adapt this system for anything else, since even for noobs its easy to understand the code and remove or add more fields, all the logic is done.

1.2.0 (Requires PHP 7.1+)
- Added search feature, now all the fields (except date) are searchable as all fields content were part of the topic title. ;)

1.3.0 Internal Release
1.3.1 Internal Release
1.3.2 (Requires PHP 7.1+)
- Added sitesplat imgur compatibility
- Added option for easely send an image to imgur and automatically fill the image url field.
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Topic Banners Extreme
Topic Banners Extreme
Topic Banners Extreme
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