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Thanks For Posts Special Edition

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Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:36 pm
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Thu May 12, 2022 9:47 pm
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I've made a special version of Thanks For Posts: ... r_posts_2/

General functionality:
  • adds Thanks button to the posts at the end of the post buttons row
  • allows thanking and removing thank for a post
  • adds a feature to display posts/topics/forums rating based on the count of post thanks for them (thankslist) (configurable)
  • adds a controller to display a list of users who thanked others and who got thanks for their posts
  • adds a controller to display a list of top thanked posts/topics/forums (toplist) (configurable)
  • adds special group permissions to control viewing of toplist and thankslist
  • adds special permissions to control user abilities to thank for posts (local, forum-based) and to clean thanks list (global)
  • adds "standard" permission sets to the predefined roles
  • adds notifications for the thanking and thanks removing events (including board and email notifications, configurable in UCP)
  • if rating displaying for all of posts/topics/forums is disabled, the toplist is unavailable

Special Edition:
  • Added new ACP option to limit the number of thanks given by an user, per group and per hour
  • You can set for each group, on the group configuration page the number of thanks an user with that group as default group can give in an interval of time that can be choose per hour.
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