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Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:18 pm
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Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:34 pm
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phpBB extension based on this 3.2 Extension:
That was based on this 3.0 MOD: ... m_creator/

This ext allows you to quickly create forms which can then be use by your members to post using a form instead of the usual text method. Is ideal for forums dealing with reviews, bug reports, requests etc...

When posting a new post in a forum where a form has been created, the poster can have access to a "Form Mode" button.
Clicking on this button change from the normal text method of posting, to the form method.

Every forum can have its own Form.
To add a Form simply select a forum from the dropdown list.
To remove or delete a Form simply delete all its elements.
Adding attachments are supported (loading directly from the form).
During the form build process, you can preview the form.

Validation of form data relies on HTML5 (client side validation).
If the forms are used to collect crucial data, you may wish to add your own javascript validation code to styles/STYLE/template/forms/form_creator.html. The ext supports all HTML5 form types.

Form Elements:
Text Box
Select Box
Radio Buttons
Check Box
File (attachment)
Reasons for this new version
Since the extension made by dmzx is still at DEV state for sooo LONG, and it is honestly horribly coded I decided to solve all problems once for all.


Version 2.1.0 (New branch Release):
  • Convert XHTML into HTML5
  • More CSS and JS Cleaning
  • Add new option to be able to copy one Created Form to another(s) forum(s) <3
  • Add new option to disable "Entry Name" from appearing on the topic layout :O
  • Add new option for Entry Explanation, and when is filled it will appear ONLY on the Editor bellow the Entry Name
  • Add new separators for checkbox, selectbox and radio buttons. Now you can costumize how the options field will be separated on the topic layout. :}
  • Fix options column database to support more chars
  • Change column option at ACP to textarea
  • When filling a form, the unused elements will not appear on the final post result.
  • Add a min and max value for checkboxes
  • Add new input types as number, date and time
  • Parsing BBCode on Entry Name only at Editor page. With this we can costumize the Form itself too with bbcode :D
Version 2.2.0:
  • Fix checkbox mandatory bug >:)
  • Fix bug on Value Before/After field at ACP
  • Fix bug when previewing on ACP
  • Fix services bug
  • Clean SQL Code
  • Change before/after columns to textarea
  • Fix single space from appearing on final layout.
  • Fix Preview button not saving all the fields correctly.
  • Fix tab order on html
  • Added <label> to checkbox and radiobutton. So we can click the text to check/uncheck them at the form.
  • Add forum permission system, so now we can decide which forum and which group are able to use the Forms x_x
Version 2.2.1:
  • Enhance and reorder ACP fields
  • Remove Report info from the bottom of ACP, it was just there for dev purposes :'))
  • Hide fields for element types that don't make use of it on the "Update Current Form" only, so it make it easier to understand and fill the right fields.
  • Some typos on translation fixed
  • Rewrite all the Aditional Help text from ACP, so users would know how to use and to see a FAQ that would teach how to use the extension :%
  • Hide colon when Entry Name is empty on the form
Version 2.2.3:
  • Change explanation field to textarea (acepting now line breaks)
  • Add BBCodes capabilities in explanation field :q
  • Add hint as first element for selectbox instead of ignoring it
  • Translatable name, explain, hint, options *O*
  • Added new feature to checkbox. Form => Output replacement for Options o_o
  • Fixed mandatory selectbox and radiobuttons - Finally! 8-)
  • Make checkbox mandatory if Min value is set :v
Version 2.2.4 (Latest Release):
  • Add a new type to create a separator groups on the form editor with bbcode capabilities, so for big forms we would be able to separate in groups. Finally you can customize how the form will look like! (You can even create tabs with some Custom BBCode Creativity) :o :O @_@ x_x
  • Keep us in form mode when submitting form with errors.
  • Fix CSS Load for default bbcode, now it works on viewtopic and search too
  • Fix some minor css stuff
  • Fix typos, enhance translation and clean unused translation fields
  • Enhance layout preview at ACP

Note: I'll just continue developing if there is support to it.

Version 2.3.0 (Future Release):
  • Add a way to insert elements from one field inside another field
Version 3.0.0 (Future Release):
  • Add Edit Feature :D
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Special Form Creator
Special Form Creator
Special Form Creator
Special Form Creator
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