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Redirection Suite

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:10 pm
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Tue Dec 15, 2020 11:05 pm
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I've seen many little simple extension for one or for another redirect action. As Auto-login from lavigor or login redirect from david63, but there is always something still missing, so why not creating a Redirection Suite?

The suite would have:
  • Sends users to the parent forum, rather than topic, after posting. (Done)
  • Skips success message for sending a private message, and editing or deleting a post. (Testing)
  • Send a user to a page of your choice after voting in a poll. (Since at 3.2 phpbb uses an ajax request for this, I'll rethink of this point, maybe a way to redesign the popup, by calling an extra page inside that popup)
  • Display a page of your choice instead of a "forum does not exist" message on unauthorized attempts to access hidden forums. (Check again on last phpbb version)
  • Pass users on to another page after registration. Including options for automatic login if redirecting to a phpBB enabled page. (Done)
  • Display any page after marking all forums or topics as read. (same as voting)
  • Show any page for login attempts with incorrect usernames, passwords, or inactive accounts. Separate pages for each case are supported. (Done)
  • Send users to any page when they log into or out of your forum. (Done)
  • Allows for redirecting users outside of the phpBB directory structure. (Done)
  • Disable welcome email (I made an separeted ext for this one, I'll think if I should make it on here or keep it separated)
If you want to see anything else added, tell me.


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