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Guest Email Notifications

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:13 pm
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Sun Jul 26, 2020 5:57 pm
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This extension was based on the concept (not on the code) of this old MOD : [ABD] Guest Posting Requires E-mail (0.0.5)

It was written from scratch so some features changed according what I think is best.
  1. Checkbox to guests for enabling notification
  2. If checkbox is checked, guest are required to fill the E-mail address
  3. The username is still optional but it will be hidden by default, making it more clean for the guest
  4. Only administrators and moderators can see guest e-mails
  5. Guest username and e-mail are saved/remind in the next posting
  6. The guest will ofcourse receive a notification in someone reply to their subscribed topic
  7. If the message needs approval, the email will only be send after approval
  8. The email have an unsubscribe link that will show all subscribed topics and the ability to unsubscribe each one or all of them
  9. It will check and deny the guest to use an email already associated with an registered account
  10. It will check and deny if the guest try to use an email already associated to a different username
Requirements: PHP 7.1+ & phpBB 3.2.5+

1.0.6 - RC Release
  • Added Flatboots Compatibility
  • Added BBoots Compatibility
1.0.5 - Internal Release
  • Fixed error when posting in a topic without guest subscriptions
1.0.4 - Internal Release
  • Only send notification if guest has at least one approve post in the topic
  • Auto-check checkbox if guest is already subscribed to the topic
1.0.3 - Internal Release
  • Definitely fix sending notifications when approving posts
  • Add button 'Unsubscribe from all topics'
  • Hide button 'Unsubscribe from all topics' if there is only one subscription
  • Exclude guest poster from notifications on post approval
  • Only send 1 email until guest visits topic again
1.0.2 - Internal Release
  • Improve display of links of unapproved topics on Unsubscribe page
  • Fix sending notifications when approving posts
1.0.1 - Internal Release
  • Fix post link in notification email
  • Add forum name, forum link and topic link to Unsubscribe page
  • Send notifications only after posts are approved
  • Delete subscriptions when topics are deleted
1.0.0 - Internal Release
  • Initial release
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Guest Email Notifications
Guest Email Notifications
Guest Email Notifications
Guest Email Notifications
Guest Email Notifications
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