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Forcing Profile Required Fields

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:55 pm
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Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:37 pm
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It will automatically redirect and force all users to update their profile when there's an required profile field that needs to be filled, so they need to fix their profile in order to use the forum again.
It adds to an ACP option so users can skip the meta-refresh message. 8-)

This version is compatible with phpBB 3.2.1+

- New Release
- Added compatibility for Special Birthdate extension by Leinad4Mind

- Internal Release
- Fixed notice when checking request of banned user

- Internal Release
- Fixed compatibility with david63/registrationage

- Internal Release
- Fixed validating birthday
- Fixed including language for david63/registrationage

- Internal Release
- Added compatibility for Special Genders extension by Leinad4Mind
- Added compatibility for Registration Age extension by david63, to make it ready in case it is modified and added a required field to it.
- Fixed testing for compatible extensions

- Fixed namespace in ext.php
- Fixed loading language file
- Minor code style fixes

- Added compatibility with National Flags
- Added an message after enabling extension so people will know where to find the setting

- Fix phpBB Debug message when an user doesn't have any kind of field data
- Others minor fixes

- Fix redirection, so it can show right away the field missing

- Initial Release
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Forcing Profile Required Fields
Forcing Profile Required Fields
Forcing Profile Required Fields
Forcing Profile Required Fields
Forcing Profile Required Fields
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